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FMSA 11 Won't Bind to IIS

Question asked by Datagrace on Apr 12, 2010
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FMSA 11 Won't Bind to IIS

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New install of FMSA on Windows Server 2003. IIS service ('IIS Admin Service') is running. I am trying to enable the web via the console, and the console keeps returning 'The Filemaker installation process was unable to communicate with the Web Server you had previously selected.' I've tried both ports 80 and 591. Retrying returns error '-1' ('Web server test failed. Return code -1'). What am I doing wrong?


A second question: the pdf for IWP says:  (page 37): 'Move the contents of the Web folder to the root folder of the web server software. Make sure the relative path is preserved.' What is the Web folder, and where does it live?


Thank you.