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FMSA 12 and container files - not displaying contents

Question asked by on May 24, 2012


FMSA 12 and container files - not displaying contents

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First, this solution works as a stand-alone file on my desktop. Yet, when I upload it to the server it does not. I have a container field that holds a PDF. I have a layout with the container field on it. When I open the layout FileMaker churns for 30+ seconds then comes back with a message in the container field "This program cannot display the webpage."  FMSA is running on Windows 7 Enterprise as are all the clients.

I know the PDF is on the server because I can "export field contents" to a file on my desktop and view it. This isn't a work-around because the solution is server hosted and PC environment variables (%username% or %userprofile%) don't seem to work in a
script step. Therefore, I can't create a temporary file on the user's computer to view the file...  Nonetheless it's odd that it would work on my desktop and not on the server.

Any help is greatly appreciated.