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FMSA v11 / PHP Performance on WIN Server 2008

Question asked by RecPro on May 20, 2010
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FMSA v11 / PHP Performance on WIN Server 2008

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We have had a CWP solution running for several months on a WIN 2003 Server.  We have recently upgraded both the server, OS and FileMaker Server software.


On the new machine the FileMaker files seem to be running much better than before, but unfortunately the CWP pages now seem to load in minutes rather than seconds.  We moved the php files directly from the old to the new server and have also tried loading "fresh" copies of the php files.  Because the CWP files are basically useless on the new machine we have had to keep the old machine running so that our clients websites would still function.


Here are the configurations for the two machines:



WIN Server 2003, Enterprise, SP 2

Intel Xeon 2.50 GHz

1.95 GB RAM

60 GB Hard Drive

IIS v6.0

PHP v5.2.6 build 5/2/08

FileMaker Server Advanced v10.0.2.206



WIN Server 2008, Enterprise without Hyper-V, SP 2

6 Core AMD Opteron 2.60 GHz (2 processors)

32 bit OS

2.0 GB RAM

60 GB Hard Drive

IIS v7.0

PHP v5.2.11 build 9/16/09

FileMaker Server Advanced v11.0.1.95


Any ideas or suggestions as to why we are seeing such a significant performance drop with the same php files on updated hardware and software?  I am hesitant to go back to the older version of php, because the version currently on the new server is what is indicated in the FileMaker documentation.