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    FMSA v11 / PHP Performance on WIN Server 2008



      FMSA v11 / PHP Performance on WIN Server 2008

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      We have had a CWP solution running for several months on a WIN 2003 Server.  We have recently upgraded both the server, OS and FileMaker Server software.


      On the new machine the FileMaker files seem to be running much better than before, but unfortunately the CWP pages now seem to load in minutes rather than seconds.  We moved the php files directly from the old to the new server and have also tried loading "fresh" copies of the php files.  Because the CWP files are basically useless on the new machine we have had to keep the old machine running so that our clients websites would still function.


      Here are the configurations for the two machines:



      WIN Server 2003, Enterprise, SP 2

      Intel Xeon 2.50 GHz

      1.95 GB RAM

      60 GB Hard Drive

      IIS v6.0

      PHP v5.2.6 build 5/2/08

      FileMaker Server Advanced v10.0.2.206



      WIN Server 2008, Enterprise without Hyper-V, SP 2

      6 Core AMD Opteron 2.60 GHz (2 processors)

      32 bit OS

      2.0 GB RAM

      60 GB Hard Drive

      IIS v7.0

      PHP v5.2.11 build 9/16/09

      FileMaker Server Advanced v11.0.1.95


      Any ideas or suggestions as to why we are seeing such a significant performance drop with the same php files on updated hardware and software?  I am hesitant to go back to the older version of php, because the version currently on the new server is what is indicated in the FileMaker documentation.




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          I wanted to confirm that I am seeing the same problem with Windows Server 2008 (64 Bit) R2.  My AJAX menus that query the FileMaker Databases are taking upwards of 30 seconds.



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            I'm also having the same issue. I've not seen any info from Filemaker as to why this is. In my situation I was running Windows Server 2008 before and after. The Filemaker 11 upgrade was the problem. We had to go back to Filemaker 10 because our web solution was unusable and usually timed out with a 500 error. 

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              Everyone, I was able to figure out what might be causing the problem with the slowness and delays with Windows Server 2008 and PHP.  While this note may not help you directly with Snow Leopard, the principal fix should work as well.


              This may or may not be FileMaker related as the problem stems from a delay when using 




              How I discovered this was I noticed the Test Page for PHP at http://localhost:16000/test

              ran fairly well.  But all our Web Apps were running slow like molasses.  We see anywhere from 30 second delays

              to complete timing out issues.


              Most of my PHP websites use "http://localhost" in the FileMaker Config file inside the FileMaker folder. I do this in  case I move the folder from my staging server to production server. However if you look at the release notes for FileMaker 11 you will notice a note under IWP (funny enough the don't mention this for Custom Web Publishing):


              11.     Instant Web Publishing/Custom Web Publishing Performance Issue

              11.1.     On Windows, to improve performance of an Instant Web Publishing or Custom Web Publishing solution, avoid using localhost in the URL by replacing it with the IP address, either or the actual host IP. For example, change http://localhost/fmi/iwp to use instead. 


              FileMaker does mention there seems to be a delay with instant web publishing when using "http://localhost".  I double checked the FIleMaker Server folder for Web Publishing and the PHP API and indeed they also switched the Config file to "" instead of  "http://localhost" in FileMaker 11 Server. I think the Deployment Assistant sometimes also changes this file with the server's IP address as well so you might see it fill in something like "".  This should always work provided you always run the PHP files on that server. 


              When I switched my config files to "" the performance issue matched that of Filemaker 10!!


              If this doesn't solve your issue, it's possible it's related to some other DNS issue as some folks have mentioned. But I am pretty sure lots of folks will find this to be the fix.  


              So let's recap:


              1. Check your  web folder where you have your PHP files and if you include the FileMaker API there under FILEMAKER>conf>filemaker-api.php file.  Replace "http://localhost" with ""


              2. if you are not including the API double check the FIleMaker Server folder with web publishing at:


              C://Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing engine/php/FileMaker/conf/filemaker-api.php


              Make sure that the line that reads:


              $_FM_CONFIG['hostspec'] = '';


              If this works for you please respond back to the forum so other people can hear whether this fixed your problems.  




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