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FMSA10 - IWP - Database not available error

Question asked by Slushman on Jun 15, 2010
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FMSA10 - IWP - Database not available error

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I have a Filemaker Server Advanced 10 server running on a Mac MIni and it has operated fine for the past year until this past week.  The server crashed and since then the employees are getting a "Database not available" error when trying to access either of the two databases via IWP.  The two databases in question can be accessed just fine on the local network by using Filemaker on the client.


I've checked the pemissions on the database file, it's fine.

I've rebooted again, no change.

I've double checked to make sure the file is setup to share through IWP, it is.

The web sharing server is running.

I updated OS X to the most current version (10.5.8 for this computer).

I updated Filemaker Server to it's most current version (

The computer itself seems to be running fine, so I'm fairly certain it's not a hardware issue.


What else can I try?  I'd rather not have to rebuild the entire server if possible.  Help?