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FMSA11 AutoUpdate Plugins

Question asked by kietcallies on Feb 21, 2011
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FMSA11 AutoUpdate Plugins

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I have been able to successful get the AutoUpdate feature on Windows 2008 Server with FMSA 11 to work with a plugin (DialogPlugin) with no issues. 

However, subsequent plugins don't work. The strange thing is that FMSAUC_FindPlugIn doesn't return a -1 result, instead it is just blank, i.e. FMSAUC_FindPlugIn ( "Mailit" ) results no result, but if I put in FMSAUC_FindPlugIn ( "Mailit4" ), a -1 returned. I have contacted the developers of Mailit, and they have confirmed that their plugin works with AutoUpdate and sent a sample database to test. I uploaded their sample database and followed their instructions, including restarting the server. 

Same problem. 

Any one experience with this?