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FMServer 5.5(4) and Mac OS X 10.5

Question asked by MPCGSY on Jul 1, 2009
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FMServer 5.5(4) and Mac OS X 10.5

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I have an old Mac and have brought a new Mac pro running Mac OS X 10.5. Currently we only have FM 5.5 clients and server and there will be no incentive to upgrade.

I have installed FM Server 5.5 and tried to run it - which it does for about 30 seconds before returning to the stopped start. Further attempts to run the colsole result in a message that "Another instance of FM is running.etc".

The only way to get it to try again is by doing a restart.

As I am no Mac expert are there any items that I can check/change etc to try and get FM Server to stay running ?


Any help VERY much appreciated.