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FMServer email integration question

Question asked by MYoung on May 28, 2014
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FMServer email integration question

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     I'm currently trying to clean up an inherited deployment, I'm hoping someone can give me some guidance with this issue.

     We currently use CiviCRM for our email broadcasts. We, of course, have all our customer contacts set up in FM. The existing approach for contact management in CiviCRM is all manual or manually run imports. Obviously not ideal.


     Question 1: is there a way to directly tie CiviCRM and FM, such that FM could handle all of the contacts management and we could use civicrm to run the campaigns?


     Question 2: Is there a more useful plug in or method available for handling mass emailing in FM directly, so we can dump CiviCRM altogether? Requirements would include automatic unsubscribe handling, and preferably bounceback handling too, that would update the records in FM to reflect the results of the email campaign. They also claim they use the crm "email viewed" function.