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FMServer Error 643 Schedule And Information 150

Question asked by jb_1 on Oct 16, 2012
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FMServer Error 643 Schedule And Information 150

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     Hi; Im using FM pro 11 and I want to export records from DB then Send it ( in  mail ) with atteched file . In version client , I do it successfully, I receive mail with file.XSL ; But, when I run the script in the server(I make 2 diidferent Scripts for test ), I receive mail  which contain "Information 150" completed but without file atteching. And wiyh the second script , I have the mail with the message which I create in this script , without attached file and an "FM Server Error 643" !!!

     The first script that is completed and send me the mail message without attached file works successfully in client version !!!

     Solution pleaaase!!