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FMServer ERROR wpe1 FileMaker Server on

Question asked by hounddogco on Feb 10, 2009
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FMServer ERROR wpe1 FileMaker Server on

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Hi everyone


I just started getting this error message three days ago, and I'm not quite sure why this is happening.  FMPS Adv is running on an Intel xServe (Server 10.5.6 installed) with 8GB of RAM and plenty of disk space available.  The server name is a FQDN, but not listed here for security reasons.  The error message comes through once an hour.


Never had this problem before and it just started to happen.  Anyone willing to give me a clue as to what to look for?  I have the full error message:


FileMaker Server on reported the following event:

Tue Feb 10 10:37:11 EST 2009 FMS ERROR wpe1

Some problems were detected in the WPE COMPONENT: COMPONENT IS NOT RESPONDING.


Any help would be appreciated