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FMServer Warning 661

Question asked by MattMatthews on Feb 28, 2015
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FMServer Warning 661

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We are getting the below warning message everytime someone logs into one of the fmp12 files from our FileMaker Server v13.05 and it seems this is a server bug or something?  Help please?

  • I have searched Google and the forums with a successful answer. 
  • I have seen something about "Opener files" which I assume are scripts at startup but this still happens with my files without 'opener files'. 
  • I have see info about File Options.../Log in" being checked without a user name and this is not my problem. 
  • I have seen issue with opening other databases or security authentication via LDAP but neither are my situation.
  • Lastly I have see info about this error firing when not using SSO or authentication with both FM and external.  I don't have SSO nor plan to use it as this is a FileMaker only application so this should not matter and my authentication is set to 'filemaker accounts only'.

FileMaker Server 13.0v5 on SVPCFMServer reported the following event:

2015-02-28 09:15:48.248 -0800    Warning               661         SVPCFMServer Client "[USERNAME] (computer name) []" authentication failed on database "[filename.fmp12[" using "[computer owner name] [fmapp]".