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FMSERVER.EXE version 5.5 crashing

Question asked by sharps82 on Jan 29, 2010
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FMSERVER.EXE version 5.5 crashing

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Faulting application Fmserver.exe, version, faulting module Fmserver.exe, version, fault address 0x00008972.


Getting this message on our server in the event logs, it is happening when users first try to open Filemaker files on their desktops. 

The server is running Windows Server 2003 SBS SP2, fully updated.


The crashing just recently started happening, and it does it a few times during the day which requires me to log into the server and stop filemaker and restart it from the command prompt.  Then Filemaker has to check random files for consistency since they were stopped incorrectly.


Hoping someone has info on this since I would like to avoid file corruption.