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    fmserverd not responding



      fmserverd not responding

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      I have been seeing the fmserverd process in the activity monitor on the server be noted as not responding.

      Restarting the server process fixes this for a while. There seems to be no issue with the actual server running and clients can connect and do normal stuff as usual. Is there a reason for this?

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          We have a number of FileMaker Server.

          Two out of four servers are showing this same problem where fmserverd not responding

          Each server is equipped with 16 gigs of RAM with 7 gigs of RAM allocated to FMS.
          We have different combinations of MacOS vs FMS version (MacOS 10.8 10.9, FMS 13.4 13.5) but we found NO pattern.

          Since this problems develops over time, perhaps the issue has to do with the number of threads.
          Servers running ok show 73 and 113 threads, servers Not Responding show 131 and and 161.

          Tom, are you still having this problem? How many threads are you showing?

          FileMaker Inc., any comments on this?