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Formatting exported Excel file

Question asked by FileMakerNovice on Feb 21, 2013
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Formatting exported Excel file

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     I would like to know the best way to automate the formating of an exported Excel file.  I have a script that exports a list of employees.  Filemaker's export looks horrendous.  I would like to do the following to the Excel file.  I am thinking that this will need to be done with AppleScript or Automator but am very unfamiliar with them.
     1.  Change color or multiple cells.  For instance A1 to C1 should be blue.  C1 to F1, red.  Etc.
     2.  Format cells.  For instance A2 to A200 should be centered, integer value without decimal.
     3.  Add a row and column at the beginning of the sheet.

     Is there any way to do this?  Is there any helpful documentation that you guys can point me to?  Thanks in advance.