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Formatting issues in Webdirect after FMS 13 reinstall

Question asked by JasonBeam on Dec 11, 2014
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Formatting issues in Webdirect after FMS 13 reinstall

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Hello - Hoping someone can point me in the right direction on the following:

Had been working on a nice solution that formatted well in both FMPA and in most browsers via webdirect.
Last night the server stopped responding to web traffic. After a long reinstall process where I needed to update to JRE 8, I reinstalled FMS 13 and Webdirect. I had some issues getting the deployment assistant and admin console to run so I took out the following:

  • FMS13
  • IIS URL Rewrite
  • MS ARR
  • MS External Cache for IIS
  • MS VC++ RP 2012
  • MS Web Farm Framework

and then reinstalled everything. I was then able to get into the deployment assistant and Admin console. My databases are now set up in FMS 13 and accessible via the browser.

My issue is that the formatting (fonts, colors, border and fill attributes, etc.) that now appears in my project when I access it via Webdirect looks nothing like what it did before the FMS stopped responding. Most all of the formatting is gone. The same project looks fine when I open it via FMPA.

Is this a CSS issue of some type? I have no idea where to look next. I'm guessing that since it looks fine via FMPA, it is a web-based issue.

My server is Windows 2K8 R2 with IIS 7.

...I also noticed that some conditional formatting is now gone when I view the project via the browser. For example, conditional formatting for text seems ok, but any change to fill or border attributes does not show in browser. I've tried multiple browsers with the same result.