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FP5, Any way to find what the Values of Restore define in Perform Find [Restore]

Question asked by JoshHammel on Apr 28, 2011
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FP5, Any way to find what the Values of Restore define in Perform Find [Restore]

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I have a legacy (Read: Extremely old) FMPro 5 database that I was just tasked to support/fix due to a misconfiguration made. I am now about 2 days in to my FMPro5 experience. They have no manuals/documentation and finding support for FMP5 online is hard, at best.

So the issue, and I am hoping it is an easy answer (Good or bad for me), is this:
When adding someone to a script definition in Script Maker and exiting, the "Keep or Replace" dialog box came up and REPLACE was selected instead of KEEP on 'FIND REQUESTS' Radio button. 

As such, the stored options used in a "Perform Find [Restore, Replace Found Set]" is now essentially null.  So as the script runs, it now finds all records rather than those it is supposed to find.

From what I am finding online, in later versions of FMPro, I could use a section entitled "Specify Find Requests".  This doesn't appear to be available in FMP5.  From the documentation within the application (Help) it basically says that you first create the find and then create the script and it inherits the settings. 

Okay, so I understand how it works to create it.

My problem is this.  I restored the database from 2 weeks ago and was hoping I could find a way to find out the parameters that the 'Restore' option was placing into the Perform Find, but I simply cannot find a way to find this. 

Is there any way to do this, or am I out of luck because it wasn't documented by the creator of the database?

Or any other advice?

I appreciate any help/advice you can offer. 
Thank you much for reading the post.

Josh Hammel