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Frequent crashes of FileMaker Server 10 Advanced (unreproducible)

Question asked by AlextGB. on Jul 29, 2010
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Frequent crashes of FileMaker Server 10 Advanced (unreproducible)

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Apple Xserve running Mac OS 10.5

FileMaker Server Details:
FileMaker Server 10 Advanced
ODBC/JDBC: Disabled
WPE PHP Publishing: Disabled
WPE XSLT Publishing: Enabled (Development Mode)
WPE XML Publishing: Enabled
Instant Web Publishing: Enabled

No Plugins installed

In the last month serverd already crashed 5 times (before july it crashed about once every 1-2 month). Nothing has been changed in the last months (for sure the database records increased and there might have been changes in layouts and/or table structure etc. but no config changes or server updates or something like this). The crash cannot be reproduced by force. Sometimes it occures when a user is searching and sometimes by just opening a database. Performing the same actions later does not result in a crash...

In the crash reports it's always in a thread like this:

0   ...ilemaker.dbengine.framework      0x008cd490 Draco::HPage::RelativePath(Draco::HSlotPos const&, Draco::HSlotPos const&, unsigned char*) const + 384
1   ...ilemaker.dbengine.framework      0x008c2fd0 Draco::HBAMSlot::S_SlotPack(unsigned char*, short*, short, short*, unsigned long) + 1344

If there are more details needed, just ask :-)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!