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    Frustrated setting open storage locaiton



      Frustrated setting open storage locaiton

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           I was able to use Filemaker 13 on the server to setup remote storage for containers.  I set a full path like c:\Users\MyServer\Desktop\All Scans\

           The All Scans folder is on the desktop.  When using FM 13 on the server the image is put in this folder correctly.  When using FM13 remotely to the server the folder "RC_Data_FMS" is created.

           I cannot find any good examples to follow to make this work remotely instead of using this folder.  Does the All Scans name need to be in the open storage field?

           Any examples anywhere??.  The instructions say you can even store the containers on a different drive but I cannot even get it to a different folder.




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               Even more frustrating..... Trying to Enable container data folder 1 in FM Server.  I can make many mistakes and it will tell me to fix the problem and try again.  When I use what should be a correct path such as filewin:/C:/Users/MyServer/Desktop/MyFolder/ and click the Save button NOTHING happens.  If I try to leave the Database Server tab I am warned "you made changes Please revert or save changes before continuing."  The save button does not work and the only option is to Revert.

               There is so little help on this subject it never should have been released......