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Fulll access security problem ?

Question asked by intrepidbioscience on Jan 2, 2012
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Fulll access security problem ?

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admin and guys !

  I encounter a problem  which every one use filemaker pro access the filemaker database must have full access to open it

, But this is not suitable to my need . Actually , in my company different people must have different privileges to open my

filemaker database use filemaker pro ! If i used the web as client, it can not upload image to the database , and some script could not work well ,beacuse the web client do not support this .

What should i do to solve my problem ,first  client must upload image , second client must have different privileges ! Or is there some tip about how to set the filemaker server or filemaker pro which can let one without full access privilege open the filemaker database use filemaker pro?

Plz , admin or kindhearted man just tell me what u know !