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funny phenomena with old 2k3, iis, and many websites

Question asked by kapitaen_1 on Apr 24, 2009
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funny phenomena with old 2k3, iis, and many websites

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Hi all,

i had a strange problem using windows 2k3, iis, while installing filemaker server 9 advanced (the small user limited version from technet).


I have a webserver utilising windows 2k3 that has already many many installed websites. The original "standard website" had been disabled since the early days of this webserver. I made a own "standard web site" instead, without binding to a ip adress, without binding to a specific host header, so this web site ansswered all requests that had not been answered by domain specific web sites.


Then one day i had to install filemaker server 9 advanced on this machine. All worked fine, except the "instant web server engine". During configuring tt always sayed that communicating with the web server failed. I finally canceled this installation.


Now  some months later, i tried again. But now i disabled my own "standard web site" and re-enabled the original standard web site. Result: after configuring again, instant web publishing worked immediately. No problem binding it to specific ip adresses, host headers, or binding it to special ports. All is working.


The only difference i can see betwenn the old original standard web site and the one i made of my own is that the original web site is on position 1 in iis management console. Both are not bound to ip adress or host header.



Any ideas what else i am overseeing? Any suggestions? What else could be the difference?  I already have asked on the german filemaker forum, but no answer untill today.



The server machine is windows 2k3, all service packs installed, all online patches installed.


Please forgive my bad english, and many thanks in advance!

greetings from germany