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    General activation error (-76) using FM 9



      General activation error (-76) using FM 9

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      We are in the planning process of upgrading our software to 14, but currently operating our server on version 9. We are getting this error message (General activation error (-76)) when attempting to run the program. The error doesn't allow us to open the program or any databases, and client licenses appear to only work intermittently with this error. Since FM has discontinued support for 9 a while ago, we are having a hard time even tracking down a cause for this error let alone a solution.  The only information we've been given is that it is an internal FlexLM error, but we don't have anything else to work with. Any help/advice is appreciated!

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          FMP 9 used a different copy protection/licensing scheme that was discontinued with the next version. It involved FileMaker contacting a server that no longer exists to validate that the copy of FileMaker is properly licensed. It used to be possible to contact FileMaker customer support and get a download to a copy of FM 9 where this feature was somehow removed or deactivated. Have you tried contacting FMP tech support and asking for that assistance?

          If not, one of the TS personnel found over in Report an Issue might be able to help. You can click their forum name to open a screen where you can send them a message asking for their help.

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            While support for FileMaker 9 has ended, Technical Support will still assist with errors related to Activation for no charge.


            Contact technical support toll free at 1-800-325-2747. The hours are between 7 AM - 5 PM PDT. 


            If you are located outside of North America, then locate the technical support office nearest you from the following link:





            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Thank you both for the help! I did call support, but they simply told me that because it was 9 they don't offer support for it anymore.  I will give technical support a call.  Thanks again!