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Get ( DocumentsPath ) not using Enabled Path DB Folder

Question asked by bmolls on Feb 11, 2013


Get ( DocumentsPath ) not using Enabled Path DB Folder

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     I have been using a local $ path variable for years on a Mac server to run a daily Filemaker Server script routine - 

     "file:" & Get ( DocumentsPath ) & "Directory/File.txt"  - and set the path $ variable for the actual import.  

     After moving to a new hardware server (running 10.8.x), I have decided to separate my data from the OS, and use a Boot HD and a Data HD.  FMS12 is located in the /Library folder of the Boot drive, whereas I have been able to move the database files to the Data drive.

     Everything is working fine using the Data volume, except when I am trying to reference the 'Get ( DocumentsPath )' script with FMS12.  It is still using Default Documents Folder location of the Boot drive, where the Filemaker Server software is installed in the Boot /Library directory.

     How am I able to change the default Documents folder to reference the Data volume now, instead of the Boot path?

     Or - is there a way to change the $ local variable script and direct it statically to the /Volumes/Data/Filemaker Server/Data/Documents path?