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Question asked by SimonSpiegel on Jan 19, 2014
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Get last search

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     I'm not really sure whether what I'm looking for is either really simple or just impossible, but here it is.

     We have our library running on FM Server 11 with the php module (see it here). So far, so good. We now have the case where a record is a book which contains multiple articles which are also represented in individual records. The two entries (book and article) are linked which makes it possible if a book is shown to give a link which will lead to a list of all articles included in the book. I do this by simply starting a new search (if anyone wants to see an example search for Signatur "F 2021).

     Now my question: Once the second search for the articles has started, is it possible to get back again to the previous results? Does FM offer some kind of "last search" or "save search" functionality? The FM client offers the possibility to save searches, but this doesn't seem to exist for server. Or am I missing something here?

     If FM server doesn't offer this out of the box, can it be done with PHP? AFAICS PHP makes a clean slate with every request which makes it difficult to save the results for later.

     Any hints appreciated.