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Getting web publishing to work on FMS 13

Question asked by CureUbozech on Mar 15, 2014
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Getting web publishing to work on FMS 13

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     I am experiencing difficulties deploying PHP web publishing on my server's localhost. I am getting stuck at establishing connection in Deployment assistant (steps 2, 3). My system is OS X 10.9, firewall is off.

     So far I have tried the following:

     Protocol: HTTP, Host:, Port: 80

     Protocol: HTTP, Host:  localhost, Port: 80

     Protocol: HTTP, Host: <computer name>, Port: 80

     Regardless of the case, the response is:



     Check web server: Cannot contact web server
     Test web server ( Connection refused"

     Could it be a problem of MAMP being installed on this computer (but currently not in use)?