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    Global field calculation not working in IWP



      Global field calculation not working in IWP

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      Using Windows 2003 std with FMSA 9


      I have a couple databases that i want to do a calculation in a web site.

      And the first step is setting a variable from these user input and then setting that variable in a global field to do a calculation for distance.  But it seems as though it grabs the users input but does not do the calculation when done on IWP.  But on the server from a client it works great.


      Would anyone have any ideas?


      Thanks, Larry

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          Thank you for your post.


          Here is what I have done.


          1. I created a database file (File1.fp7) and table (e) with four fields:


          Name (Text)

          Price (Number)

          Constant (Number - Global storage)

          Calc (Calculation = Price * Constant)


          2. I entered several records with different Names and Prices.  No entry in the Constant field.


          3. In Browse Mode, I changed it to View as Table.


          4. I created a new Layout that only has the Constant field.


          5. I turned on Instant Web Publishing.


          6. On a second machine, I launched a browser and entered the IP Address of the host machine.


          7. I selected the file from the Instant Web Publishing home page.


          8. I switched to the second layout, entered "4" into Constant and pressed Submit.


          9. I switched to the first layout, and all records displayed the calculation correctly.


          Please let me know what I am doing differently than you, and I will try to replicate the problem.



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