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    Global Fields / Multiple Users



      Global Fields / Multiple Users

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      In my layout I am using global fields to get information from one layout to another. When I roll this out for multiple users is this going to create problems? The global field would change with one user and then the next. Is there a better way getting information from one layout to another? I am also using set field but I dont believe this will create a problem.





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          Well you can store the values into variables but I dont think we have enough info on what you mean exactly.


          In a shared enviroment, each user will retain their own global values. 


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            I was just worried about them sharing the global value.




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              Also keep in mind that globals will default with teh value that the global field had at the point it was being served or a server side script sets it.


              IOW, if your global text field has a value of "Hello" in it, upon serving, all client users will have that as a default value each time they become a client. They are free to change it but when they open it again, it will be "Hello" again.



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                I am having trouble with a global field since I started hosting my database to multiple user via FM Server. I can change the value but every time I log in it changes back again.


                How can I change the default value?



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                  Option 1:


                  Take the database down off the server and open it with Filemaker Pro. Edit the global field value(s), close the DB and put it back up on the server.


                  Option 2:


                  Write a script that uses set field to change the global field value(s).


                  On server create a disabled schedule that performs this script. Use the "run a schdule now" option to run the schedule just one time only. Since this script runs from the Host, changes to global fields will persist. Do this with a little caution if you run the script while others are using the database. Depending on how your global fields are used, this could result in a "suprise" for your users.

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                       If you need a value stored for all users, then a global field is not the right answer. You should be storing the data in a one record preferences table. You can load the values into globals upon startup or use a bunch of table occurrences with cartesian joins to the preferences table to refere to them.