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    Go Daddy Standard Wildcard SSL does not work for FileMaker Pro



      Go Daddy Standard Wildcard SSL does not work for FileMaker Pro

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           I've just installed a Go Daddy Standard Wildcard SSL on a FileMaker 13.0v4 server (via fmsadmin certificate command line tool). It works great for CWP, WD, and Admin Console, but doesn't give the green lock icon or a Get ( ConnectionState ) = 3. FYI: I restart the server computer after certificate installation and before this screenshot.


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          Ran across this thread and thought it would be a great place to start some flabbergasted complaining about the lack of Wildcard SSL support in FMS.  We have a wildcard SSL cert that we use for all of our servers, and this should be one of them.  It was usuable in good old FMS 11, but not in 13.

          FMI now says specifically that wildcard certs are not supported here.  Sigh.


          If you're going to roll your own SSL in your server (i.e. change from whatever SSL engine ran the show in FMS11), then you need to make it work with standard things found in many shops like wildcard certs.  I'm my own IT shop, but many FileMaker users and developers are not in that same boat, many trying to sell the FileMaker platform, including FMS, to organizations that have never seen FileMaker and are not automatic fanboys like the rest of us longtimers from the Nutshell days.  

          Telling the company IT people that they need to buy, install and maintain a special cert just for this ridiculous FileMaker thing (which they'd prefer not to have anyway) isn't a way to generate love for the platform.....it's a surefire way to generate some hate, comments about "how about using a real database" and eyerolling over the amateur nature of the platform....and in this case, I'm sorry to say that I'm forced to agree with them.

          This amateur-hour stuff with FMS has been going on for a looooong time now, starting with FMS 12.  When is it going to be fixed?