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guest not to show and securing data

Question asked by steelbut on Jan 7, 2010


guest not to show and securing data

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Using FMSA9 and Windows server 2003 standard,


I have a system where we host about 10 files that all work together around an engineering system.  I want to host designs we have done online.  I am trying to make the IWP work, assuming this would be the simpliest way if the data needs to continue to be current.


On my last request, the skeletion key site was recommended for access to bypass the opening screen.  I got it to work but questions;

1. How do you NOT have the sharing files show up under "guest" - the only way I can get it to share is access the guest accounts of the sharing files.  How can I secure them?  Once the files are shared through a server the option of "do not show on opening screen" is not avaible.

2. How can I lock and make go away the side panel when the file is accessed directly from a URL?

3. I am assuming that IWP would be the easiest to share our quotes online.  But is the security of the IWP system OK?  Is there a better way to share 3 files that culminate to the one shared one online?

4. When you share the data through a <frame> on a web site from an IP address is it best to modify the iwp_home.html and the iwp.auth.html?  If so what is needed, how do you make the changes?  And where do you install the files once modified, using IIS?

5. I have read the "Instant Web Publishing Guide" a few times and spent a lot of time on forums but they do not seem to go into depth.  Where can I get some instructions on forming url's and a list of commands to control data and presentation?


Thanks, Larry