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Hacking FMS13 WebD page layout

Question asked by Yadin on Jun 27, 2014
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Hacking FMS13 WebD page layout

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     So the layout of WebDirect is horrid and I was hoping to try to fix it, but it's been murder trying to figure out where they hid all the css, html, etc in this new version.  I found a couple key items buried down in \Web Publishing\publishing-engine\jwpc-tomcat\fmi\VAADIN\themes\default but only scratched the surface.  I should mention this is the Windows version.

     So in layouts\iwp_home.html I could change the name on the site to customize that (why this isn't in the admin UI still after all these years I can't figure out) and in i18n\en\ I could modify the message on the login window.  However, in past versions I could edit files to remove the guest button on the login screen and I can't find that anywhere now.  In addition, the layout once logged in like I said is terrible.  There is no vertical spacing between page elements, elements are all the wrong sizes relative to each other and their function, and there's this absurd horizontal scrollbar that goes over to blank space.  I can't believe this interface got out of development honestly, what happened to the design team on this one?

     I'd fix these things if I could find the files with the html or css or what have you in it that control these things but no luck.  Several files that contain element names consistent with inspecting the page don't seem to actually have an impact.  In one case I briefly saw a change before the page finished loading, which told me some other file is overridding the one I was working in.  The design code side from an organizational stand point is even worse than the end result.  For a total re-write it's a total disaster.  Has anyone out there managed to find where these things are buried and fix them yet?