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Having trouble making offsite backups

Question asked by DanielMulford on Jun 27, 2014
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Having trouble making offsite backups

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     I'm setting up a machine dedicated to FileMaker Server, and my plan was to make hourly local backups, using Server's built-in backup function, then to make nightly backups of that backup folder to a cloud storage service, so that if anything were to happen to our local data, we would still be O.K.


     FileMaker Server's hourly local backups seem to be working just fine. Those backups are saved to a separate, dedicated drive labeled D:\ on the server machine. But, I've tried two separate online backup services (Microsoft Azure, and then CrashPlan), and both have the same result - they make backups of empty folders on the D:\ drive, and the .fmp12 files are nowhere to be found.


     Can anybody explain what I'm doing wrong?