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    Help accessing database using FX.php



      Help accessing database using FX.php

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      Filemaker Server 7


      Windows 2003 running IIS to server php sites.


      Already have one database up and running that users can log into and submit a repair request. (This was setup by the person before me with 0 documentation) I have copied parts of the php coding that allows for those users who have already verified they were in the system, into a new database that is suppose to become the online registration.



      I am unable to get my php to go to the desired database and pull valuelist, let alone enter any new data into the database.


      Code for database access:



      $vlists=new FX($serverIP,$webCompanionPort,'FMPro7');
      $VLIST -> SetDBUserPass('$DBUser');



      Code for valuelist display:


      <select name="selorgType" id="selorgType">

               foreach($vlistsResult['valueLists']['selOrgType'] as $key => $value){