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Help me with concept of FM application

Question asked by VitusCZ on Nov 7, 2014


Help me with concept of FM application

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I have a few questions about concept of my FM application.
My FM application is created in two files.
In the first file DATA.fmp12 I have all tables with data.
In the second files APP.fmp12 are views, scripts, rights and it’s connected to DATA as External Data Source.
Now I have booth files installed on the FM Server 13.0v4 and DATA.fmp12 is setting as offline. 
1. Is it a good idea - two files?
2. How can I set online/offline these two files on the FMS for WebDirect service? When I open APP on the first device, it’s working. But there is problem, when I open APP on the second device simultaneously - the connected file DATA report an error - the file is open.
3. What is the best configuration for setting up users and their rights? I set the users and rights as admin in the DATA file and their individual setting is in the APP file now.
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