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    help needed: 60s to open a database



      help needed: 60s to open a database

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      Hi, I'm in the process of upgrading our Filemaker from 4.0 to 9.0. I have Filemaker server advance 9.0 and Filemaker pro advance 9.0. I have converted all the files and when I open the databases it takes about 30-60s to open any of them.


      The delay is from the time I press a button in an already open database to when the password question comes up in the database I just opened.


      I have asked support for help but still have not found a solution to this problem. 


      To exclude problems with the computers i use i have created databases in filemaker 9.0 and there isn't any problem opening them.


      Is there anyone that can help me with this.

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          Hi Mikael,

          Thanks for posting.


          Usually, the main culprit to this type of issue is dead file reference links.  In FMP 9, go to File > Manage > External Data Sources and verify any file reference links/remove any dead ones.


          If the databases lack any file references, try a File > Save a Copy as > Compact Copy and/or a Recovered Copy of the file.  This will help us narrow down the issue to any damage/corrupt problems. 

          It may also be useful to try creating a brand new database and then recreate the issue with this database.  If a brand new database is still taking 30-60s to open then we may be looking at a machine/network issue.


          Let me know how it works out.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            There were dead reference links and when I deleted them the databases workes fine. Im still in the process of deleting the dead reference links but it has worked on every database that i have fixed.

            Thank you for taking youe time with my problem. Now i can go home for the weekend and not think of this the whole time.