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HELP unable to start database server

Question asked by MarkReed on Jul 9, 2010
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HELP unable to start database server

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I am having a very odd problem.

It started when I rebooted our filemaker server.

Once it rebooted, no one could log into any databases.

I opened the admin console and got the error message "Could not start  database server"

When I clicked on the server start icon, it got an hourglass then back  to cursor after a minute but it did not start - got same message when I  click any of the links on the left - such as databases.

I figured... well... lets manually stop and restart - so I cycled the  service manually.  Still no luck.

At this point I figured, well, I wanted to upgrade to version 11  anyways.. so I uninstalled filemaker server 10, including bento and the  admin console - rebooted the server and installed version 11 server.

It installed fine - but when it went to launcht he admin console for me  to set up the server and databases, ect... I get the message Cannot  Start Database Server - Restart Server.

Again I manually cycled the services ect...  Even tried the command  prompt commands to start the server... no luck.

I have no idea what could be causing this ... basically I uninstalled 10  and did a fresh install of 11 and still get this odd DB not running  message.

Any ideas?  Im ready to drive off a cliff!!!