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Help With Multi Machine Deployment!

Question asked by AnthonyCorrea on May 1, 2014
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Help With Multi Machine Deployment!

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     Hello All!

     I am hoping someone else has run across the issue I am having, as I do not know where to turn at this point!

     I am working on a FileMaker 13 Multi Machine Deployment,  in which both servers are MS 2012 Standard Servers. One with 8GBs of RAM, Octa-core, with an 80gb SSD and another 100gb SSD attached, this being our Filemaker Database Server. The other is a 16gb, Quad-Core, and 80gb SSD, this being our Web Server. Both of these are virtual machines.

     I have used this guide:

     And followed it to a T, but when I am trying too add the Worker server to the Master it never detects it. The ports have been opened, and I have done everything necessary in terms of Port opening in our Firewall as well as software firewall! I am baffled beyond comprehension... Upon install of FMS on either machine all appears correct in IIS, and I do not see any issues with the setup (as I referenced the FM Help Guide to do everything!) 

     What am I missing that may not have been mentioned in the guide!? If anyone can lend a hand or has some input I would greatly appreciate it as I am stumped..