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Help with running plugin on FM server

Question asked by on Jan 18, 2010


Help with running plugin on FM server

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I've made a plugin and am having trouble getting it to run on FM server.

The plugin works on the client, showing up in the system settings plugin tab and in the function lists.

I copied it to the Extensions folder on the server with the correct permissions and it shows up in the admin console.

I enabled plugins on the server and enabled the plugin itself without error.

However, from this point the plugin will not work in any databases that use it and all the plugin function calls are no longer recognized.


Once a plugin is correctly installed on the server where should I see it? In the system settings on the client, just like a plugin saved on the client?

Will it be available in the list of functions? Do I have to call it in a special way?

Also, when creating a plugin, are there any settings in the API that are different between client and server plugins? I also tried the example plugin that is included on the FM CD, FMExample. I can enable it on the server but cannot use it in any databases, so I am wondering if I am running into some other issue.


My setup is FM Pro Adv 10 on Vista and FM Server 10 on Windows Server 2008.

Any help would be appreciated.