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HELP!  Can't see hosted files on network

Question asked by KyleKnapp on May 14, 2012
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HELP!  Can't see hosted files on network

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I've been using Filemaker Server 5.5 (with Filemaker Pro 5.5 on the clients) for years with no problem. 
Then a few months ago we replaced/upgraded the machine we use for a file server.  Everything work fine, except:

When I reboot the server, Filemaker Server restarts and loads all the files as expected (I know this because I'm able to open/use them with Filemaker Pro on the same computer).  But OTHER COMPUTERS ON THE NETWORK CAN'T SEE THE HOSTED FILES.

Usually I wait 1/2 hour or so and it starts working on its own.

But this time it's been an hour and nobody on the network can get to the hosted files.

Any idea what might be wrong?