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Help! FMSA10 cand deploy web services on OS X Server.

Question asked by ialvarado2 on Oct 21, 2009
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Help! FMSA10 cand deploy web services on OS X Server.

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Hello Everyone,


I just recently purchased FMSA and I would like to use the XML and PHP web services but I'm having a really hard time just deploying the web publishing engine.


I'm running it on a MAC OS X Server, it comes with Apache 2.2. Server Advanced installed  ok and I can host my files and everything. The problem comes in when I try to enalbe the web services like XML, XSLT and php.


I go to the deployment, slect the services then Filemaker tells me that an Apache server has been found. I select single machine installation thenclik next and FMS tries to configure the web server but is unable to. It asks me to specify the protocol (http or https, the IP number and the port. I put the machine's IP and every single imaginable port but it won't work. 


The web server seems to be running ok, if I go to the statc IP address it shows that it's turned on. I don't have any other services or applications that use a web server installed in this machine, it's just a dedicated Filemaker sever.


Does any one have any idea why this might be ocurring? Any help would be greatly appreciated.