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Help! New MacBook pro can't see broadcasted files on...

Question asked by PaoloNardi on Aug 25, 2013
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Help! New MacBook pro can't see broadcasted files on...

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     Hello there,

     I'm using since 4 years now a network with filemaker 10. I have a mac Xserve where i'm running filemaker server 10 and several clients computers (2 macbooks and 4 imac, some running mountain lion 10.8.3 and some running earlier versions) where i run filemaker. Everything has always worked fine.

     Lateley i've bought a new macbook retina early 2013 running 10.8.3 mountain lion. Everything works fine expcept i cannot see the broadcasted files on the server! I have correctly installed filemaker 10 and i can run it with no problems but once you try to connect to server it just do not see it.

     Note that i can access the server with no problems with finder and other applications. I can ping the server... seems something about filemaker and maybe open ports?

     I have no clue, anybody can help?

     thanks in advance.