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HELP!!:  Web Publishing Engine Failed to start

Question asked by mmccarty on Jul 22, 2011
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HELP!!:  Web Publishing Engine Failed to start

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I'm using FM 11 Server Advanced on a desktop machine. (not ideal, I know but no money in budget for real server)  About every week I close my database, stop the server and restart the machine.  When I opened the admin console this morning, I could start the Database Server but the Web Publishing Engine won't start.  All I get is the message "Web Publishing Engine Failed to Start".  Without the engine going, I can't get to the web publishing configuration.  I tried restarting again, hoping it was just something that failed during start up, but no luck.  Basically, I have no idea why it isn't working or how to fix it.

Is anyone else having problems?  Is there a software update that messes with the web publishing engine?  Any ideas are very welcome!!