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    Help, can't see databases on server.



      Help, can't see databases on server.

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      I have been on the phone with FM Support over the last month and a half.  No solution yet.


      I have a G5 MacPro server running Mac 10.5.6 server software, also have latest version of FMServer installed on this system with databases active and open.  From a client, I can see everything correctly IF if run FM client 8.5 (all database files are shown and work), however, when I run FMPro Client 9.03, I can see the server BUT when I click on it, no database files are listed.


      I have gone round and round, un-installing clients, servers, different client machines all with the same results.  Port 5003 is open as tested with FM support.


      Any and all suggestions would be grateful.


      Thank you in advance.





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          Jens Teich
             Can you open the files directly in the dialog 'Open Remote File' with




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               Not in ver. 9, but I can with 8.5.  I have also installed all the SLL for the server and clients.
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              Hi jjhill,

              Thanks for posting.


              Just to verify if SSL is disabled (even though you have updated), will FMP 9 see the databases?  Can FMP 9 see a database hosted by another FMP 9 client machine? 




              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                The client can see the server and IP of the server in the box on the left, but when I click on it, no files show up that are being shared.  With 8.5, everything is working fine, see the server, see the files, just not with 9.


                I have tried client from three different machines, all with the same results for v9.


                I will check to see if a client machine running 9 with a database being shared can be seen from another client machine, I think that is what you were asking and get back to this board.


                Thank you for you questions and comments.


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                  jjhill - you've likely checked this already, and it may be of no use, but: running FM Server 9 under MacOS 10.5.4, after a power outage I had the same symptom.


                  I eventually found that the server's firewall settings (sys prefs / security) had somehow changed. I set them to 'allow all incoming connections' (my LAN is behind a hardware firewall and I'm not doing web publishing) - that fixed my problem.

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                    Not sure if this is the same problem, but... I just converted our system to server 10 and clients using fmp 10.  Each computer logs into the server via Open Remote. One of our computers would not show any of the files.  Open Remote was blank.  Filemaker support desk walked me through a work around for this problem that has been occurring.  For some reason the server.pem file does not get initiated on some computers.  To solve:

                    Right click the FM 10 app and click Show Package Contents

                    Open the folder Contents

                    Open the MacOS folder - there should be 2 .pem files.  root.pem and server.pem

                    If there is not, go to your FM 8 app, do the same thing, copy the server.pem file, paste it back in the FM 10 MacOS spot where the root.pem file is


                    Hope this helps. 

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                      Thank you to all who have responded.  My maintenance release got me up to FM10 and everything is working, I was lucky to have just bypassed 9.


                      Thanks again.




                      PS  FM Tech support had me try the .per files from FM8.5 but it didn't help.  It was a great idea though and I appreciate it.  Thank you.

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                        Thanks for the tip!  I had the same issue, when one of nine installations would not see the files on FMP server.  Sure enough the server.pem file was missing.  I pasted it in from FMP8 and problem solved.


                        Good call!