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Help, can't see databases on server.

Question asked by jhill on Dec 24, 2008
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Help, can't see databases on server.

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I have been on the phone with FM Support over the last month and a half.  No solution yet.


I have a G5 MacPro server running Mac 10.5.6 server software, also have latest version of FMServer installed on this system with databases active and open.  From a client, I can see everything correctly IF if run FM client 8.5 (all database files are shown and work), however, when I run FMPro Client 9.03, I can see the server BUT when I click on it, no database files are listed.


I have gone round and round, un-installing clients, servers, different client machines all with the same results.  Port 5003 is open as tested with FM support.


Any and all suggestions would be grateful.


Thank you in advance.