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Hiding a DB in the IWP Home Start Menu

Question asked by ericellis9 on Dec 5, 2012
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Hiding a DB in the IWP Home Start Menu

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     Hi there...

     I have a number of DB's that are set up for IWP and served by FMP Server 12 advanced.  I am running Mac OS X ver 10.6.8. 

     A few of the DB's have IWP "turned on" only to access the data inside the DB.  I.E., I need to access data from DB "A" from DB "B".   DB "B" is hosted as an IWP, so in my experiance DB "A" also has to be hosted as an IWP DB.  However, I only want DB "B" to show in the IWP Home Start Up menu you get in the browser.

     Is there a way to keep a DB available as "IWP" but now have it show up in the start up menu?  I've searched the IWP documentation, WEB and this forum but had no luck...