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    Host Server Locally or Web Company Hosting?



      Host Server Locally or Web Company Hosting?

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      Do most people host their own FileMaker Pro Server installation or do they use a hosting option by a third (Cloud) company? It looks like the hosted solutions' costs could really add up quickly -- since they (the ones I saw) charge by the database and only allow a certain number of users.

      Since I didn't get any replies as of yet from my earlier posting here regarding how to set up a Server installation, I'm assuming it's not necessarily trivial.

      Look forward to options before plunking down $3K plus a new box to run it on.



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               We've been providing Professional FileMaker Hosting for over 13 years.  Shared hosting accounts are generally prices on a per-database rate.  Note we also offer virtual dedicated servers if you need an entire server's capabilities to yourself.

               If interested, please contact me privately for more information.  Thanks!

               - John