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Hosted files not always available.

Question asked by rhegyi on Sep 26, 2012


Hosted files not always available.

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     If I open Filemaker Pro 12 on my MBP and select REMOTE the host name's appear i.e. or the local IP 10.10.XXX.XXX . If  I select that host none of the shared files appear as Available. If I let FMP sit at that window for 10 minutes then click on the host address the files are available.   I go to another machine on the same network and open FMP and select the same path - REMOTE - the files are immideatly Available. O.K maybe a network issue with this piticular Mac but I have a customer with the exact same issue on ONE of their Macs.  I called FM about this problem and they said they have never seen this this issue.

     I'd think if it was just one instance of this happeneing O.K.  but I'm seeing this at two seperate installations not connected in any way.

     Anyone out there seen this before? It happens on FM Server 12 and FM Pro 12.

     I posted this on the Fm Pro forum as well.

     Any ideas?  Thanks, RIck