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Hosting with FM Web hosting company

Question asked by dinora on Apr 20, 2009
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Hosting with FM Web hosting company

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I currently host my website with Network Solutions -  Network Solutions tells me they do not support Filemaker, as a matter of fact they do not know what I am talking about.   I am developing a database in FM and I intend to publish php pages that feed from the database to display a list of products I offer on my website. 


I need help understanding my options


1.- Stay with Network Solutions and built a utility to communicate FM to MySQL then MySQL to php pages - Information on mysql is not live

2.- Move to a web hosting companies that has FM server - This option will allow me host everything in one place Database and Website - And allow me to display information live.


Please confirm if I am correct in what I am saying as far as options available.  Option 2 is the more desirable but I am having problems findind a reliable web hosting company that supports FM-  Do you have any recommendations?