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How can you change or set the language of FileMaker Server 11?

Question asked by StevenDaniel on Feb 8, 2012


How can you change or set the language of FileMaker Server 11?

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I am installing Filemaker Server 11 (Advanced) on Windows Server 2008 R2.

  • The system base install is English language.
  • The unicode locale is Japanese (so I can use Yen key and Japanese Keyboard).
  • The Date format is Japanese
  • The timezone and sever location option is set to Japan
When I install Filemaker I select English as the install language (though it tries to default to Japanese). After I install it, the Filemaker Admin console defaults to Japanese. But it doesn't actually display Japanese properly. The descriptive text only shows english characters (romajii) but all Japanese characters appear as boxes (as in trying to display Japanese text in US unicode). As a result I cannot navigate the admin console because I can't read anything. If it showed all in Japanese I could use it. If it showed in English I could use it. It shows a mixture that gives me nothing. 
I setup 2 test servers using with base language and all options set to English and Japanese. This works fine (displaying respective languages). But the production server is English with Japanese location and unicode, which I need so the filesystem can handle japanese names and dates in the files. 
How can I change the language of Filemaker 11 Server? I need it to show as English on my English server. 
If it depends on Windows components to determine language, which components are they?