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How do I start the server?

Question asked by das-associates on Dec 13, 2013


How do I start the server?

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     MacBook Pro 2010. OSX 10.9

     I am using the FMS Trial. After installation it worked ok. However today it is apparently not running as I cannot logon via the Admin Mask. In fact the browser cannot find the page. In addition, my iPad is also not able to find the server. I cannot see any way of starting this. There is no application visible.

My past server experience has been with windows NT. 


     1. How do I start it?

     2. How do I delete the programme if it isn't visible? It is not even listed in the "startup apps". What is strange, even when it was working it wasn't listed here either.

     A salesman from FM rang me yesterday asking about my experiences with FMS. I think he was hoping to sell it to me? I had a couple of technical questions which unfortunately he couldn't answer. He promised someone competent would call me. I am still waiting!



     DAS (ceo DAS Associates)