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How does Server work...?

Question asked by solarboy297 on Feb 16, 2009
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How does Server work...?

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We have offsite remote clients who feel that our server service is "very slow".  We use a dual core G5 Mac Pro with 2 gigs and mirrored drive Raid as a server with no other programs running. I started using Filemaker before it had numbers so our solution looks like an elephant assembled by blind men.  Still it would be almost impossible to recreate.

My question is: When doing a find or a sort is the called DB searched or sorted at the server or are all records sent to the remote client to be sorted ect?

Next question: Would a pro hosting company serve my remote clients faster than my server?  It works fine in the office with up to 10 users in and out.  Could the DB's be co-located and mirrored to better server the remote folks?