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    How does Server work...?



      How does Server work...?

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      We have offsite remote clients who feel that our server service is "very slow".  We use a dual core G5 Mac Pro with 2 gigs and mirrored drive Raid as a server with no other programs running. I started using Filemaker before it had numbers so our solution looks like an elephant assembled by blind men.  Still it would be almost impossible to recreate.

      My question is: When doing a find or a sort is the called DB searched or sorted at the server or are all records sent to the remote client to be sorted ect?

      Next question: Would a pro hosting company serve my remote clients faster than my server?  It works fine in the office with up to 10 users in and out.  Could the DB's be co-located and mirrored to better server the remote folks?


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          Internal networks are definitely easier to manage.  Once you leave the internal network, you have no control how the outside network is going to perform, plus if the outside users don't have a static IP address, there will be another layer.


          When a Find or Sort is performed from the client, the Index from the server is sent to the client.  This allows the Find or Sort to execute quickly.  Then, the record ID's are sent back to the server to obtain the information so it can then be displayed on the client machine.


          A FileMaker Pro hosting company may or may not serve your remote clients faster than your server.  The hosting company has a static IP address and probably has direct access to the internet (which your local network may not).  You may want to contact a hosting company and ask them if you could test it out for a short period of time (4 hours or less).  Doing so should help answer your questions.



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