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How hefty does the server for FM Server 13 have to be?

Question asked by ceath on Oct 29, 2014
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How hefty does the server for FM Server 13 have to be?

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We have been running a FileMaker application using FM Server 11 for several years on a MacMini 2.53 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB of RAM.  The system ran just fine.  

Now we've developed a new application for a new client, and took the opportunity to upgrade to FM Server 13 as a part of the project.  The new application has fewer users, a much simpler table structure, and fewer records in the tables.  We also tried very hard to optimize the layouts to use the new themes.

However, the FM Server 13 system just crawls and often leaves users coming in via WebDirect with a spinning wheel or even a time out message.  I looked up the requirements for FM Server 13 and it looks like this little MacMini is at the very, very bottom end of the acceptable range.

Are people finding that FM Server 13 just takes more horsepower (faster CPUs, more RAM, faster disk drives) than FM Server 11 did to have a reasonably snappy performance?  In other words, are my problems possibly related to hardware throughput -- or is it more likely that my design approach is flawed in a way I'm just not seeing?