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    How to achieve these same results using filemaker PHP ?



      How to achieve these same results using filemaker PHP ?

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      Hello everyone and thank you for taking your time to review my question.

      Program(s) = FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server Advanced.


      I have a database where I enter patient information based on when the patient was seen, their last/first name, etc...

      On a layout called 'Enter Data' I have a field that displays all possible diagnosis's that a patient can have, which is linked to a non-editable table via a related value list.

      As soon as I select a possible diagnosis, I have it set up (via a Looked-up value) to automatically display a diagnosis code in the corresponding field below that is linked to the users selected diagnosis. 

      That way I do not have to remember all the diagnosis codes, as they are numberd values.


      My question is:


      Is there a way to make Filemaker PHP (when using publish using custom PHP) achieve these same results. 


      I have made the file available for download at the link below. You an simply enter as Guest, and have full Access rights.




      Thank you in advance for possible solutions.

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          Thank you for your post.


          I noticed you also posted a very similar post back in September.


          Although the link you provided seems to be invalid, you should be able to display what you want.  It is probably easier for everyone showing you what you have done so far, and what problems you are encountering, or saying what is not working, and what you were expecting it to do.  Post the relevant PHP code.


          Also, look at the first posting on this board (When requesting assistance on this forum...), as this will define how to report the problem.



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