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How to achieve these same results using filemaker PHP ?

Question asked by tmod4eva on Dec 8, 2009
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How to achieve these same results using filemaker PHP ?

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Hello everyone and thank you for taking your time to review my question.

Program(s) = FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server Advanced.


I have a database where I enter patient information based on when the patient was seen, their last/first name, etc...

On a layout called 'Enter Data' I have a field that displays all possible diagnosis's that a patient can have, which is linked to a non-editable table via a related value list.

As soon as I select a possible diagnosis, I have it set up (via a Looked-up value) to automatically display a diagnosis code in the corresponding field below that is linked to the users selected diagnosis. 

That way I do not have to remember all the diagnosis codes, as they are numberd values.


My question is:


Is there a way to make Filemaker PHP (when using publish using custom PHP) achieve these same results. 


I have made the file available for download at the link below. You an simply enter as Guest, and have full Access rights.


Thank you in advance for possible solutions.