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How to Change Default "Database Folder" Location

Question asked by IDM on Apr 15, 2010
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How to Change Default "Database Folder" Location

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Hi All,


We have FileMaker Server 8 running on Windows Server 2003 SP2. This server stores the FileMaker databases shared across our network and also serves as the Instant Web Publishing site for users who login through the Internet to access our databases.


Issue we are having

All of our databases are stored in the default location: C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Data\Databases and we are running of space on this drive.


What we would like to do

We have already setup a D: drive with 120GB and would like to change our default database location from the C: drive to the D: drive.


Questions we have

1. Can we change the default database location using FileMaker Server 8?

2. If we change the default location will we need to update Instant Web Publishing?

3. Though we are running FileMaker Server 8 we have licenses of FileMaker Server 10. We have not upgraded the Server as all users on the network run FileMaker 8. Are we better off upgrading all users and the Server to FileMaker 10 first?


Thanks in advance for your help!